Saturday, February 26, 2011

terpaksa emosi.

there's sometimes i could not stand on the real aishah ismail.
yes i admit there're a lot of fake aishah ismail.
who pretend to be so patient.
who pretend to be tough.
who pretend to be so strong.
but deep inside i am still a 20years old girl.
who still learn and need help.
who still cry if there's problem.
i do admit it.
as my ages increasing.
people around me teach me to at least do not cry in public.
yes, i succeed.
and huda must be proud of me.
i learn to be tough.
i learn for not easily get broke.
people may see aishah ismail as a tough and strong girl.
yes, you are right.
but to achieve on that stage i've been strugling for YEARS!

ps : i wish to hug my love ones and cry on her shoulder.

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