Thursday, April 21, 2011

the awesomeness of ukhwah VS worst of being a gf

Ukhwah is..

Tempat aku nak gedik-gedik.

Tempat aku nak manja-manja.

Tempat aku nak jadi gila.melalak rap macam gila

Tempat aku nak jamming lirik tunggang terbalik.

Tempat aku nak main pondok-pondok saat berumur 20tahun

Tempat aku nak main mak-mak

Tempat aku nak lompat-lompat bersama

Tempat aku jatuh.

Tempat aku mengalirkan air mata

Tempat aku meluahkan sedu sedan

Tempat aku meluah semangat.

Tempat aku mencurah idea.

Tempat aku berdiskusi teori manusia

Tempat aku berdiskusi perangai pelik manusia

Tempat aku being the third party of something, see something from the other side

See beyond the words of quran.

Beyond the words of hadith.

Tempat aku meluah masalah hati yang cam pelik

Tempat aku check hafazan.

Check suara sedap ke tak.

Yeah. Ukhwah is seems like everything to me

But what kind of ukhwah?

Of course the truthful and honest ukhwah.

Dear friend, naluri manusia tahu apa yang tak kena.

Manusia yang satu ini bukan binatang.

Tapi manusia yang punya naluri dan bisikan hati.

Hurm.actually i get stuck with the voice,

“cari la pakwe”

“kenapa tak respon dia”

“kan kenal ramai laki. Ramai handsome plak tu. Pilih je”


Aku bukan nak pakwe.

Pakwe bukan boleh buat ape pun.

Silap-silap dosa lagi banyak dapat.

Haishh.tak mau.tak mau.

Aku nak laki.

Nak suami.

But it’s not time yet.

Aku nak suami yang boleh buat semua macam di atas.


There’s no such thing being a couple for just want being accompanied

For just, “yeah, see! I got mine too”

For just, “hello dear, goodmorning”

Yeah. Malas nak bagi contoh lain.

Because i already got mine long time before.

I got Allah being close to me even closer than my own vein.

I got HIM to remind of everything as remember HIM.

So that i wont do anything bad.

Aku tak gelabah nak pakwe yang sume bende nak kecoh.

24 hours nak tau sume bende.

Ah rimas!

Baik kau gi cari baby kecik jaga wat anak angkat ke ape.

Kalau sume bende nak tahu.

Give me some space!

I’m a grown up ok.

Not a little baby even maybe i’m too cute in your eyes.

Yeah.maybe girl easily get drown with your sweet words.

Damn you sweet talker.

Girl, have your faith ok.

I just need a man who can remind me of HIM the Almighty.

Who can be by my side and ready to be yelled at!

Ready to lend his ears for everything i’ve told above.


So the conclusion is,

Aku taknak couple.

Ada faham?

Have HIM is more than enough.

Have a try.

You’ll never regret.

Trust me.

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