Monday, April 11, 2011

no one says.

yeah.i just found that life is not interesting at all.
and yeah i know maybe i just found it.

no says that life would be easy.
so be patient.
at last, all human is just equal.
no one have advantage over another.
unless the faith that places beyond the heart.

i'm facing a big trouble.
but then my heart would say it's okay.
but physically it's not
i could eat nothing.
even i'm forcing myself but then i cant
i could not sleep.
i would try to sleep around 12 but then the heart could not feel good
and the eyes affected.
i've a big round circle.
i'm just fall asleep around 4
when i stop gazing at the clock.
yeah just like the big panda.
but i thought not the cute panda.
i'm not sleepy at all.
and i thought it's the time for me to make use of time for my study
but it's not work.
my heart keep beating.
and i even can feel the beat in every nerves.
even the leg nerves
what a stress.
i'm consoling my heart that it's okay.
but it seems 'they' can't accept it

wahai hati, tenanglah kamu.

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