Thursday, July 14, 2011

i found my way!

Manusia harus berjaya.

Saat dia tahu sebenarnya dia hebat.

Manusia berkejar mengejar ilmu.

Menggapai kejayaan gemilang.

Dan dimana aku saat itu.

Harus kuat.

Harus tabah.

Yeah.bukan senang nak belajar.

Spending time alone at library is quite awesome.

Got no one to chit chatting or gossip with.

Yes. I found my way!

Praise HIM.

Praise HIM.

Praise HIM.

Belajar penuh focus is a great nikmat!

No facebook-ing.

No chit chatting.

No internet surfing.

No text messaging.

No phone calling.

-put the phone into exam mode and put it inside the pencil case.

My silent mode is still vibrating and beeping!


Turn on mr.lappy

Just for work and study.

Otherwise, only jotting down some words.

Like I’m doing right now.hehe

Lusa dah nak balik SA!

Cepat sorak jerit pekik!

Tapi banyak kerja nak buat =.=

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