Thursday, September 15, 2011

running to you

Although time and space
have displaced us
i know we are not in different places
As I speak this I am racing
Although my feet won't touch the pavement
Yet as you hear this I am running

its hard to pen a poem
my body still
my heart has a heart of its own
its left me and made its way
on its own
to your home
to its home

my love is racing to you
until you can feel its traces through you
racing running to you

i have no knowledge of the book
yet even the Ifrit couldn't cover the distance
That my light my love
Is covering this instant

as i speak this
my love is racing running
as you hear this
my heart is racing coming

should i be more patient
but im not much for waiting
when my every waking
is facing
your face

while i speak this
im racing
as you hear this
im running

my heart is racing running
to you

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