Friday, October 14, 2011

coolness, it's free

"i belong neither here nor there.
i will have to reinvent myself and put to use my two worlds"

Hala, Beirut, Lebanon

just came back from work.
ehe. should i call 'them' work?
yeah, a meeting for FIVE days.
a bit boring and tiring.
but there's some brilliant and awesome part.

"well, we're the one who need to discover the awesomeness,
tengok kan dah banyak idea gila keluar" - exco-mate-

hey mate, sila bangga. saya gembira berkerja dengan anda! hehe.

meeting people here and there.
i guess nothing much different.
from the old school ages until the current university life.

i think i can conclude that sampai bila pun we're living in the so-called earth kita still akan jumpa a lot of creatures name manusia. well kat mana pun it's manusia it's not an alien. manusia yang banyak perangai. some maybe pleased with us, while some are so annoying. but we're the one who create the environment. nak rasa marah ke, nak cool and relax je ke. it's really up to us. kalau nak ikut hati sampai bila pun we'll not be satisfied. nak ngamuk banyak-banyak pun nanti senang sakit high blood pressure and of course ia nya tidak comel untuk dilihat.ehe so cool jela kan, as it won't cost us anything. it's free. be calm. or we called it as salamatus sadr, which means berlapang dada. let them. let it be.

well, kita manusia punya nafsu. something yang dah memang embedded dalam diri. bukan boleh campak-campak letak luar kejap. nafsu which something yang selalu men-suggestkan pada kita something yang happy, enjoyful, marvellous and so on. so who owned the nafsu? kita sendiri kan?

so here, we need the self-controlled. to control those such things. i guess i talked much about this self-controlled lately. ehe. a few days back, kak hanim my sis said,

"sejak akak dah masuk 21 ni, i feel more calm. umur 18-20 ni memang macam senang mendidih sikit. over sensitive to any disturbance"

ehe. the twin called it as hormon gedik aktif. sometimes kita realize hormon tu mengada-ada. but then macam susah nak control kan? so how? me myself banyak cool kan diri. put sometimes for yourself. the real privacy. left the handphone. shut off any of the possible disturbance. maybe at the masjid. i love masjid negeri shah alam the most. maybe somewhere yang tidak ada orang.

calm yourself and think wise.
put the priority.
there's something yang kita boleh choose.
there's something yang memang kena buat.
so do put your judgement wisely.
the power is in your hand.

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