Wednesday, October 5, 2011

the everlasting love

he may seems like a typical malay guy.
but he's awesome to me.
ini la bila dah sebulan tak jumpa.
lepas tu bila dah jumpa mata tak tidur 24 jam pun jadi segar.
borak during the whole journey.
from cars to economy, politics, study and life
well, i'm a good co-pilot

love you abah.
thanks for fetching me back from segamat.
thanks for helping me carrying all those 'anak gajah'

"esha, tolong picit abah"
my pleasure babah!

besides the beloved parents and families, there's another love.

perhaps it's almost 5 years we haven't meet.
itu pun once in 5 years.
oh dear, from the last in 2003 then 2009 i guess.
perhaps the next is when you get married soon. woot!

"ciah, kite kat kaybee ni"

"which hotel?"

"i'll pick you in 5minutes"

such a nice meeting. yeah you know when the loves meet. borak sampai subuh.
sampai sekarang borak macam gila kat ym and skype.
i never feel you are far apart from me even jumpa 5 tahun sekali!

i wonder i have some friends yang macam tu.
pernah jumpa sekali je tapi then contact dah macam best friend.
jumpa 5 tahun sekali tapi rasa macam jumpa jari-hari.

perhaps thats why i can't defined love.
it's something awesome and great!

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