Sunday, November 6, 2011

it's eid here!

great greetings to all of you! :)
eid mubarak. kullu am wa entum fi taiyyibin
here some celebration in shah alam

early morning ada orang kejut qiam.
it's a great feeling.
a fresh start.
thanks dear you :)

the eid prayer

rewang masak at the surau. here are my childhood friends. setahun sekali je jumpa sekarang ni.uhu. glad to meet you girls!
well yeah, gulai kawah belum bertenggek lagi. time ni some of the men tengah gergaji tulang-tulang. here are the mountain of mangga muda! untuk kerabu mangga. best kan?

how's yours?

life is all about survival.
you may laugh
you may cry
you may have the deepest ever sadness.
whatever it is.
it's all you.
no turning back.
no experimenting.
do your best dear.

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