Friday, December 30, 2011

twin of faith

so here the great weekend. we're in a group of 10 people include my mom, amin my brother and iman my sister. angah, my cousin yang mula-mula rasa anxious nak buka booth for the sale and exhibition, but at last the weekend ends with great joy! alhamdulillah.

belum rajin nak bercerita panjang-panjang. sooner or later i'll just include the points from those great scholars in my posts. there, we got many great scholars delivered a very much heart soothing lectures. yes, we heard so many lectures. but the lectures are so awesome and captivating! a very well managed and professional event even it was organised by a muslim organisation. well yeah, we often heard the lame and unprofessional management from islamic society. perhaps it's just a typical society or university's society. but we learn and implement it from the basic right.

got many things in my mind. tomorrow i'm going back to campus. test berderet. program bersusun. belum kira yang tak bersusun tu. ngaha belum kira yang ajak berjalan sana sini. mesir, jordan, london, france, jakarta memanggil. yeah i wish it's just within a walking distance. counting down for 2011. looking forward for 21 age. topik kawin makin lama dah makin serius. bukan lagi topik mulut-mulut manis atau manja mesra. understanding the true concept of marriage, motherhood, parenting, communication skill, household economy apa bagai. sounds so serious eh. oh yeah, TOF also organized a workshop named the marriage workshop. kalau masuk boleh dapat foreigner kan. keke. mungkin takdirnya jodoh dengan malaysian je sebab registration dah penuh for sisters. ada orang gelak berguling dengar pasal ni malam tadi. ok fine. men may think they're not that desperate. do it's called as desperate? lol.

the wristband yang tak boleh bukak for that two days

 cool kan ada separate queue? 

 yes, that is mejar faiz the angkasawan. i was like, "mak! angkasawan! hahaha excited angkasawan depan mata. ehe why i'm so into that angkasawan thingy. he was on stage for the price giving ceremony for the Budding Young Writers Competition. the first prize is iPad2 okay! the participants range is just only 5-16 years old. so tak perlu mengaku muda walaupun comel lagi. oh yeah, this is the kids zone. they put a hall for children perhaps like a play room so that the parents wouldn't need to worry about the running here and there kids.

 this is mother's room. cool kan? so ibu-ibu tak perlu risau atau berduka lara tak dapat dengar that amazing lectures. because they brought it live to that mother's room. so senang sambil nak layan anak-anak, nak breastfeed ke, nak change diapers ke. takde la jadi ibu bawah tempurung kelapa yang duduk kat rumah je kan? ibu-ibu lagi la perlu diisi jiwa dan akalnya untuk jadi super mama didik anak yang hebat pembentuk ummah gemilang. ececeh over pulak. 

 yes. sangat awesome kan dah cakap. this is from the brothers area. it's in main auditorium, the plenary hall

 the booklet

 haa, sila jealous dengan content of this event!

the workshop schedule. can you see the marriage corner? hehe.

the buah tangan! eh, bukan dia bagi. beli sendiri la. my first dr.amr khalid book!

being the part time sales person for NEDA. congratulation NEDA! glad being part of you!

missing brother Boona Mohamad! after all, i love the most lectures by Syeikh Navaid Aziz, Syeikh A'laa El-Sayed and Syeikh Hussein Yee. the 'Sacred Economy System' by Ust. Dr. Zaharuddin pun best. well yeah, orang accounting kalau tak ada passion in economy macam pelik kan. but yeah, i love economy. soon nak cari lectures pasal islamic economy lagi!

okay, enough of being over excited.
till we meet again.
lots of love.

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