Tuesday, March 8, 2011

the biopsy.jangan keluh

"jangan asek nak merintih je"-love

He do hear you.
even a small whisper from deep inside your heart.
be strong.

a small chance given to me.
have a deep conversation with my beloved friend.
even it seems nothing.
but deep inside she do raise me up.

kalau awak kat cairo perhaps we dont get this chance.
dokter yang sibuk dengan gigi manusia dan haiwan.lol
borak,gosip almost the time.weheee :D

we do share a great blog.
mas afzal and i do admit his brother do touch my heart.

mas afzal with positive lymphoma cancer.
mas afzal who is a medical student.
mas afzal who still keep with his high spirit
and never know how to give up.

he got to do the bone marrow biopsy.
took a high dose of drugs.
swallow the radioactive chemical to allow the CT scan.

this remind me of something.
the PRP.
Platelet Rich Plasma treatment.

got 6 weeks of plaster casting.
then followed by this treatment.

baring atas katil.
make the ankle clear to the doc.

even i got surrounded by the handsome doctors :P
it still doesnt make the pain away.

genggam tangan.
pejam mata.
mengalir gak air mata.
dalam hati,
"wey doc ko tak payah nak bajet cool sangat la dengan aku.sakit!!"
i got to do this for every two weeks.
three times of PRP.
fun with needles.
damn pain.

and i do wonder how mas afzal got the strength to face the biopsy.
he got a big great strong heart.

which i wish to have too.

and his brother.
who further his studies from a single step.
until get the chance to work overseas.
being a lecturer at foreign university.
keep with his love for six years
and i cant stop my eyes from keep crying.
be strong dear!!

the mas afzal's blog. here
the mr.jep's blog (mas afzal's bro). here
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