Monday, June 27, 2011

my hero.

semalam kaki jatuh lagi.
hopefully tak kena simen lagi.
serius tak larat lagi dah.

pakngah operate hari ni di IJN.
chaiyyok pakngah!!
i've three uncles which are my muhrims.
the only three uncles that i shake their hands and kiss them.
pakngah and busu from my mom side
and paklong on dad side.
but pakngah is the most inspired uncle of mine.
because he inherited my grandpa the most.
my late beloved atok.
the only atok who called me along shasha :)
the one and only person give me a big teddy bear.big as me!
he love to pampered me. love atok much.atok is my true hero
and i see atok in pakngah.

atok inspired me much.
he teached me sing.
he teached me dance.
he teached me 'mengaji'
i never know that atok is a 'bilal' in his residential area
when i'm small i love to see atok face.
even when he's in 76 years old he's so tough.
so gentleman.
and my close relative love to say that "aisha banyak ikut atok"
yes, i want to be tough like atok.
smart like atok.
disciplined like atok.
cool like atok.
atok was just so cool!
can i find again someone like atok?
and i just realize my taste is more likely like my grandpa.

kelmarin tengok 17 again.
dan menangis.
ape ke~
when you know that you great in 17 years old and wish to come back.
return to heal every mistake that you've made.
when you know that's the real you are when you're in 17.

i wish atok is here.
hold me when i'm sick.
put me on his side when i'm crying.
nak peluk and cium atok.

atok, along shasha janji nak usaha masuk syurga n nyanyi dgn atok lagi.

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