Saturday, September 10, 2011

believe, work and keep praying!

if Allah is against you, then what hope do you have?


Asiyah, the Firaun's wife siapa sangka dalam kesengsaraan hidup beliau,
once she pray to Allah,

"My Lord build for me a home with You in paradise and save me from Firaun and his work, and save me from Zalimun ( polytheists, wrongdoers and disbelievers in Allah) "
[ Quran 66 : 11]

free yourself from the control of stress, anger, sadness nor frustration

kita baru kena assignment bertimbun, bukan kena seksa dengan firaun
baru kena kawan curi tulang bukan kawin dengan firaun

see how Asiyah controlled herself!
she keep believing God and she got it!

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