Sunday, October 16, 2011

the beauty beyond the sorrow

let the sun rise
let the bird sings
let there be light
let there be morning

credit to johan champ radzi.

praise Allah there's another morning.
when everything you know is like a blessing.

i won't talk to emotional people.
kalau semuanya emosi, bagaimana akan lahir rasionaliti?
please, emotional tak comel.
do calm and find the inner peace.

maybe it is never meant to be.
it's okay let them be.
Allah knows best.

when the waves are crashing down
pulling me to sorrow
you sail me back to shore
through hopeless and darkest day
through it all.

"no more sorrow please"

"i've been too tough for it"

"i'm glad for you sha"


let see the beauty of the world!
jom bagi breakfast kat baby hyppo!
wink wink!

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