Wednesday, October 19, 2011

small ideas

well yeah a long period of holiday sometimes may kill us.ehe
especially when it's the only you stay in the house.
sometimes it may sounds scary too.

then ehe something come across my mind.
al-wajibat aksar minal auqat.
which means the works or tasks to be done is more than the time provided
ehe. so? dear darling, come on!

for now, my newborn little kitty just have been eaten. *sigh

mula2 tiga ekor. sekor mati mak dia makan.
sekor lagi mati abg tiri dia makan. sbb lapar sgt. org bg whiskas tanak. nak ikan jugak.
gedik.hape dia ingt adik tiri dia tu ikan jugak ke. kejam punye abg.
then yg last tadi mak dia angkut bawak gi mana tah.then mak dia nyanyuk tak ingt letak mana.
tengok2 ade kesan darah je tinggal. gile ngeri. mcm kes pembunuhan

that's how the cat's owner being sad.

somehow, what i love the most about holiday is i can do something creative!
i got the time and space much!
perhaps cooking, baking and decorating something.
yeah, girls stuff.
besides being enough with going out with some friends
commonly window shopping while chit chatting updating the 'ummah' issue
unfortunately most of them currently are busy with test, exams, and studies.
so nothing much i can do except being at home doing all the house chores
anyway, while waiting for them this holiday i've planned something 'green' with this coming girls day out.hehe
lets explore something new!

bila nak 'lepak' lagi ni?

i'm currently browsing some recipe.
listing out the 'potential recipe'
well, memang masak tiap hari but doing something new kan macam awesome.keke
then akan dikomen oleh my dad. heee
well, my mom do not encourage much in cooking except for healthy recipe
she's worry too much in blood pressure, glucose level, cholesterol level, etc

well here i've put some ideas to be done. heee

guess what she's doing with the cloth

cabut pintu almari kejap and put the cloth on

yeah new colour for the almari baju! kalau macam ni tiap tahun tukar colour pun boleh. keke

this would be my mom favourite spot. she'll love it and plant all her herbs there. maybe my bro can do this. hak rumput and pokok-pokok kecik kat belakang umah yang tak comel tu boleh la buang

dah lama nak cari something which i can put all the accessories. lagi-lagi lately ni banyak orang menghasut beli earings yang gantung kat tudung tu. bila nak pakai dah jenuh nak mencari dalam box. sangat tak efficient. so this could be nice kan?

have a closer look. mana-mana cermin yang pecah tu boleh amek frame dia then buat macam ni. kalau base dia alas dengan span yang nipis tu pun ok. then alas dengan apa-apa fabrik yang macam comel. kan? kan? bukan susah sangat pun then lekat pakai stapler gabak tu. ke pakai hot glue gum pun boleh

well for this, as usually i don't sleep in dark room. at least boleh nampak muka. ehe sebenarnya selalu tidur lewat, buat kerja baca buku and apa-apa kerja la then selalu terus tertidur. besides rasa macam calm je kan buat kerja mood macam ni.keke. but selalu beli table lamp kadang-kadang patah la, koyak la, and the bulb of course senang je nak beli lagi kat kedai. why not amek mana-mana plastik basket, perhaps tong sampah plastik yang colourful tu pun boleh kot.ehe. macam comel jugak ape. kan? kan?

the ideas are from

cuti masih tidak membawa mood untuk berblogging tajuk yang matang-matang lagi.
i've got some request for the topics.ehe
later boleh?
i need to arrange the points.keke

may Allah bless.

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