Sunday, October 23, 2011

what more could i have ask for?

aura-aura gembira dan bahagia menyerbu ke dalam diri.
apa mungkin kerana umur puluh makin bertambah nilai.
meninggalkan jejak-jejak umur belasan yang penuh pancaroba.

i know someone would laugh at me when he's reading this entry!
amirul! don't laugh at me okay!
even i know you are missing me.haha
akak will not going anywhere :)
pray for my result and jumpa amirul and sofea kat madinah

p/s : jangan buli sofea tau! tunggu kite buli sofea sama-sama! hoho

i'm still waiting for the meeting with great people.
somehow i've meet a few nice people here and there.

sungguh hidup ini dipengaruhi oleh nilai-nilai di sekeliling kita.
i'm glad to have great, awesome and cool people around me.
what more could i have ask for?

i refuse to give up
i refuse to give in
because you wouldn't let me
thank you mr super cool

currently being annoyed by amirul with great food in madinah!
grrrrr. i'll grab you one day soon!

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