Thursday, December 1, 2011

a great people always learn from something

Salam 'alayk dear readers,

I've been busy lately as the new semester has started but i'm happy with it. I used my time optimally for everything. Even i feel so exhausted. Banyak sangat kerja nak buat, and usually i will list out everything and put the timeline so that always boleh check it back. Perhaps what I've experienced during previous semester and last semester break teach me something. This time i learn how to put more productive time for my own-self.

I used to join a kind of motivational and educational course as a facilitator somewhere in Terengganu under a company of consultant. It teach me how to use the time optimally, maximize the production or work, setting up the strategy to run for an event. Even i used to experience all these thingy during school days as i've experience so much outdoor and indoor courses, leadership, motivational courses. Tell me what kind of courses that i'm not join yet? Sampai nak muntah dah dengan semua kursus. Sijil sekolah selambak. Tapi tahu tak kita, kalau air yang mengalir ke satu tempat tapi kemudiannya tidak dialirkan ke tempat lain, air itu akan menjadi busuk. I thought it's a arab proverb, but i don't really remember the exact words. So here, bila plan for something bukan hanya semata plan how to run out the project, but also how to spread, how to settle it down. plan for something until the real end of it.

A few days back, i've lost my uncle. it gave us a shock since it's the first lose among uncle nor aunt. Selalu yang meninggal peringkat atuk nenek, but now it seems like malaikat izrail dah makin selalu datang jenguk makcik pakcik. It gives deep meaning. I'm not a baby girl anymore. Afew months back, last month if i'm not mistaken, pak ngah was admitted to the hospital but then he seems to be okay, perhaps malaikat izrail love paklong more and of course Allah too. A reminder for pakngah too! Please watch your food intake and never ever smoke again! (pakngah suka buat muka yang sangat eksyen dengan anak-anak saudara dia, angkat kening senyum nakal, yes pakngah is 'rock')

"Pakngah ke paklong ni mak?" Semua orang confiused.

Paklong meninggal when he was in KL, at a hotel with maklong and luqman his youngest son. He used to attend a wedding there. Jam 2 pagi something wrong happened to him, he sounds like difficult to breath while in sleep, perhaps macam berdengkur. Then maklong call the doctor, at 4.20 am the doctor sahkan paklong meninggal due to kidney and heart failure. May Allah bless paklong.

Paklong and maklong was a loving couple with eight children. Paklong sangat sweet and romantic but maklong a bit ego and suka buat-buat menyampah. Maklong is my mom eldest sister. I thought that maklong act is in our blood. hahaha. Anak-anak maklong ramai yang sebaya with my siblings so every time during the holiday we often spend time together. Masa zaman kanak-kanak riang, selalu pergi picnic, mandi pantai, holiday sama-sama. Bila dah besar selalu lepak, borak, keluar makan, shopping, gosip sama-sama. When this hard time comes, we need to be strong for one another.

Sampai-sampai je rumah maklong, salam along, angah, emi who sit in a group with some remaining tears in their eyes. Then terus pergi jumpa tiyah, we have a great bear hug and i whispered to her, "takziah but tiyah kuat!". Pit was a bit senyap the whole day, as he's the only son yang dah dewasa sikit in the house while faiz and eman was not arrived yet from Melbourne and Germany. Semua sepupu datang, sepupu mak kitorang, from johor, seremban, besides the paklong side from rompin and pekan. Ramai yang overnight at maklong house, we have a lot of so-called family chatting, jumpa saudara mara yang dah berzaman tak jumpa. During this hard time, bila borak with families and they keep telling the good words macam sangat terharu. Then i realize something, i have so much in common with my cousins. So much! the way they think, the way they act. of course la because we're cousins!

I always visit kuantan when i have free time, usually during weekends and holidays especially when i got the special request from angah to help her in her studio or her tudung production house. Along also the one who inspires me so much in my study as we have the same study fields. Along has graduated from master degree in economics and bachelor degree in accounting. Iadore along so much. (along tak baca blog ni kan?) hehe.

"kau aisha, belajar la sampai habis. along buat master pun takde hal je. kena rajin lebih sikit je"

Nak cerita semua banyak sangat pula. The whole family is so awesome. I love them all. I miss my late atuk too.

i love the words from eman,
"Isteri dan anak-anak Dato' Haji Khamalrudin remain awesome as always.Thanks for the condolences and helps everybody"

Kafa bil mauti mau'idzon- cukuplah mati itu sebagai peringatan. Banyak pahala mualim amin yang ajar subject akhlak in arabic time form3 ni. This hadith short and simple hadith gives a deep meaning.

strategic planning, death, family strength. ada sesuatu yang perlu kita belajar dari semua ini.

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