Wednesday, December 12, 2012


"Feeling means you're dealing, dealing means you're healing"

"Life would just get harder and harder and it's about you yourself to manage it"

To love what you're doing. To have passion with your course, with your work.

"Who are you are as person is best revealed by who you are during times of conflict and crisis".
Big applause then for you who have been crawling and walking up to this point with the true you yourself.

Even if not it's for you yourself, do it for your ummah, the trust in order to be the best ummah, to make your children proud, to have Allah's bless in every step

I'm rarely online to update my blog nor to scroll down the timeline, facebook, twitter, etc. It's just my mobile phone help me to do such thing. Alhamdulillah for it helps me to reduce distraction and focus on my daily life. Being an accounting student is tough yet tougher than a medical student maybe.

Somehow, i know that Allah is with me in every step, would love unlike any body else, closer than my own vein. All I should do is just preserving myself, enhancing the mutabaah amal, have regular timetable for my daily amal, updating my hafazan, read new books, spreading the good deeds to the people around me.


sausage nasi sis ammar jiran arab bagi

kekanak at NEDA, part time baby sitter

meet the gegirl in hira'

pavlova birthday surprise for the gelprengs

sorting out the mini library and this is tons of kuliyah, tazkirah, usrah note books, my most valuable property

lagi dish at the sis ammar's, homemade roti arab with taheena and cream cheese

the heroes conference with tasha

my semester break 'residential'

langkawi sunset memory with abah dan beradik

the beradik taiko

Spending time on weekends with your love ones is such a therapy. Last weekend, I went to meet my beradik taiko, enjoying time at the book fair, Big Bad Wolf. Even though I have a tons of book from Jakarta that I bought during my last vacation are not finish yet. Muehehe. It's a very tempting being flooded by good books with that pasar-malam price. I kept asking myself is this nafs or not. Kept repeating the An-Naziat 37-39 verses. 

Moga makin perkasa dalam beramal.
Moga Allah makin sayang.

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