Monday, December 19, 2011

dah siap?

bila semalam call mak merengek gedik-gedik,

"mak nak kawin laa macam ni"

selalu sedepuk je kena bebel free. but yesterday was different. she know that i'm homesick. tak sabar nak balik rumah for this coming semester break. so mak macam tak kisah anak dara comel dia ni merengek mengada.keke. rabbuna yusahhil may Allah eases my journey.

a few days back juga sangat busy. we got program minggu keusahawanan PROSMIK 11'. the first day was a bit dull in our stall. then i started to think how i would improve our sale. so then i suggested to our members to add another menu which is pasta carbonara and perhaps fried macaroni for back up.

as i'm so busy lately, i'm afraid of something. i'm afraid if i could not give so much attention and pampered my dearest book and assignments. every time in my prayer i would wish i could settle all my works. so i'm a bit messy here and there emotionally. but here i would give my full gratitude to someone who always be there.

i know sometimes i'm a bit mengada and you knew it. but you let me learn by myself. i wouldn't mine if you scold me because of my fault being too gedik in handling my emotion. but you know me rite, it's just between me and you. even i know i need to be cool inside and outside. everyone need some space for improvement kan? i'm glad you're here besides me.

"i bet you lawan my carry mark 48 over 50 tu"

ngaha. i wish i have so much time for reading and writing the essay.

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